Production Begins…


THANK YOU to everyone who has joined us on this path! We’re overwhelmed by the level of support gravitating to this project, and we’re dedicated to living up to your faith in us.

Production has begun: from writing, to illustration, to set, mask, and costume design. Our partnering band, “Cash For Junkers” has started scoring the music, and we’ve had countless volunteers helping us as we experiment with prototypes and work through this campaign. This video update¬†gives a taste of our process so far. And if that’s not enough flavor for you, here are a couple work-in-progress photos:

design-sketches old-clay-mold

We also bring an exciting announcement. Our cast for the theatrical installation has fallen into place. We proudly welcome actors Jeff Medley, Margi Cates, and Ann Peacock to the team!

We’ll bring you new artwork and more announcements over the next several days. For now we leave you with this image from the book. You’ve probably seen parts of it before, but here’s the first full page Theo drew, before we even had an idea what the story would be about.


Thank you all so much for kicking it with us as we work toward making Mystery Mark a reality.

Next Update: The Story behind the Story….

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